Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shooting Star Animations

Here's the first one and I will load more here, as I do them. They are in *.mng format and open easily in AS3. You can then export them to Paintshop if you wish.

I save them in mng format so the optimization process in AS doesn't distort them. If you need or would like them in pspimage or psd format I can do that as well.

This is the first one and the preview is shown on black, but the downloaded version is on a transparent background. It is made on a 500 x 500 pixel background as most tags  are around that size now.
Note you can slow or speed up the animations by opening the file in AS, Edit-Select All, then select Animation, frame properties increase the no to slow it down, decrease to speed it up. If you want to show one frame for longer - i.e. to freeze for awhile, then just increase the no on that frame.
Download here:

Download here: